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15241 TODAY talk “Jim and Lanny on Stage

See below for the links to the 15241 TODAY talk video broadcasts that currently available:

https://vimeo.com/336592859  Jim Render Part 1

https://vimeo.com/338274316  Jim Render Part 2

https://vimeo.com/341560343  USC Chief of Police Jonathan Wharton and USCSD Security Chief Sean Bryson

https://vimeo.com/342335271  Steve Blass

https://vimeo.com/344817387  Kent Tekulve

https://vimeo.com/344868875  Jerry Berteotti

https://vimeo.com/345983450  Lanny Frattare

https://vimeo.com/350756566  Phil Newcamp

https://vimeo.com/350804736  Dr. Kevin Deitrick

https://vimeo.com/350808369  Honorable Michael Fisher

https://vimeo.com/371149891  Grant Jackson

https://vimeo.com/362325814  Suzie McConnell

https://vimeo.com/365356983  Sean Casey

https://vimeo.com/367339176  Pat Palazzolo

https://vimeo.com/371234189  Eddie Johnston

https://vimeo.com/371233638  Danny Holzer

https://vimeo.com/374470901  District Judge Ronald Arnoni

The various half-hour broadcast segments can also be found on Cable 7 or Channel 42 and digitally on the USC Township website at Twpusc.org->Life in USC (“Community” Column #3)->Video Gallery

Long-time Pittsburgh Pirates fans immediately know his voice. Lanny Frattare was KDKA’s  play-by-play announcer of the Pirates from 1976 to 2008. And now he is bringing his charisma and distinctive sound to the newest project for 15241.TODAY talk—interviews with engaging sports figures and others.

The first two interviews are with Jim Render, retired football coach of the Upper St. Clair Panthers who reached his 400th win this past season. Lanny and Jim talk about when Jim was a player, what he remembers from pivotal games in his career, and what he values most from his 40 years of coaching at USC.

Additional interviews conducted by Jim and Lanny include guests District Judge Ronald Arnoni, Jerry Berteotti Steve Blass, USC School District Police Chief Sean Bryson, USC Athletic Director Dr. Kevin Deitrick, Michael Fisher, Danny Holzer, Eddie Johnston, Phil Newcamp, Pat Palazzolo, Suzy McConnell-Serio, Kent Tekulve, USC Twp Chief of Police John Wharton. More interviews are in the planning stages and will be aired when available.

All “15241 TODAY talk” videos can be viewed at http://15241.TODAY/talk, on USC Cable 7 and channel 42, and found on USC Township’s website under “Video Gallery.”