Panthers News · USC Athletes Participate In WPIAL Sportsmanship Summit

Congratulations to Dylan Mira, Emily O’Malley, Sara Steve, Neha Patel and Kelly Dawson for participating in the 10th Annual WPIAL Sportsmanship Conference at the Heinz History center today.

The conference focused on proper sportsmanship and leadership through athletics. Key speakers included: Chris Hoke (Pittsburgh Steelers), Dorin Dickerson (former WPIAL/Collegiate/Professional Athlete), Sarah Spencer (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette High School Sports) and Dave Harper (Duquesne University Athletic Director).

The student-athletes also participated with other student-athletes throughout the WPIAL and focused on “Five Good Deeds on Game Day”.  These include:

  1. Thank someone – This someone could be the bus driver, someone ar your school or host.
  2. Clean up after yourself – It is a tremendous sign of respect toward the custodial staff of the visiting school when they see you have left your bench area or locker room in good condition.
  3.  Pick someone up – This good deed might meet helping up an opposing player after they fall down.
  4. Compliment someone – There are lots of opportunities for this on game day, including reaching out to someone you competed against. Coaches, athletes, and parents can all deliver the right message to an opponent after a hard fought close match by saying something like, “Great work out there. We were lucky to get the win today.”
  5. Be better than everyone else – Coaches often speak to their team about working hard and outplaying the opponent. It would be great if a team held the same first class standard and composure win, lose or draw.

Thank you to the student-athletes and the WPIAL for a worthwhile and meaningful day.  Sportsmanship should and needs to be practiced each and every day.