Can Stretching Enhance Strength Potential??

Flexibility and mobility are the essence of athletic development.  The ability to move your body efficiently through a full range of motion, in all three planes of motion, allows for full expression of your athletic potential.  This is true regardless of your sport or activity.  This flexibility and mobility is the foundation for then acquiring appropriate strength development.
Work capacity is one of the building blocks of a well planned training program.  Therefore, to avoid a negative affect on an athlete’s training, flexibility must be addressed in each training session.  Dynamic range of motion stretching at the beginning of training, followed by passive static stretching at the completion of training, will have a positive influence on long and  short term athletic development.  Muscles constantly contract and relax to allow for movement during a training session.  This then requires that they be brought back to resting length through a comprehensive stretching routine.  Recovery is brought to full completion with proper nutrition, hydration and rest.  Being faithful to a daily stretching routine will enable an athlete to return to training each and every day with a neuromuscular system functioning at full capacity.